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As I'm trying to figure out what to do with this site, I've decided to play around with Drupal a little bit. I've used Joomla quite a bit in the past for some sites I've done, and have really enjoyed working with it.

While listening to the Geeks & God Podcast, I was inspired to check out Drupal and see how I liked it. On a related note, Geeks and God have an excellent series on using Drupal to create community driven websites, specifically targeting churches. I would highly recommend listening to this series, and all of the other Podcasts they have.

One of the first differences I noticed between Joomla and Drupal is installation and out-of-the-box functionality. Joomla is very helpful for creating quick sites getting up and running as fast as possible. By default, it includes the standard modules in the layout and even displays sample text. Drupal, on the other hand, seems to allow much more customization right from the beginning. Not all modules are included or enabled by default, which slows down the process a tad if you are not familiar with what modules you will need (that was the case for me), but also it is a very clean install that doesn't include a lot of stuff that you do not need or do not plan to use.

Another thing I have noticed that I mentioned above, it appears that Drupal is more customizable than Joomla. Now, on either one, you can go in and make any changes that you want to the templates, modules, components, and so on, but Drupal seems to encourage that a little more.

One last thing, which I have not had time to experiment with yet in Drupal, is the idea of Taxonomies. Taxonomies seem to be part of the driving force of Drupal, especially when you get into dynamic and community driven sites. Hopefully I will have some time to look at it in the next few weeks.

If anyone reads this and has any recommendations or resources regarding using Drupal, I would greatly appreciate it.


My favorite open source CMS

My favorite open source CMS is Wordpress. I have used Joomla for church and community sites but I like how easy Wordpress is to use and train others how to use.
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I have used Wordpress as well in the past and find it very easy to install and use. There is also a lot of support and additional modules that can be added to it. However, I don't think I would classify Wordpress as a CMS like Joomla or Drupal, though it is very powerful. If you're looking for a simple blog, it's hard to recommend anything other than Wordpress.