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Reason number 25,385,449,249 to buy a good shredder

While outside at our house today, I happened to notice a few little strips of paper being blown around by the wind. I didn't pay much attention to it until I started seeing a lot more. I finally found the culprit:

It appears that a bird was building a nest on a ladder that we had propped up against the back of the house. Along with the normal twigs and other natural materials birds normally use for nests, was strips of paper. And not just any random pieces of paper: someone's shredded financial documents. It's pretty obvious that the shredder used to do this job wasn't very effective, and the fact that the shreds were in a place were birds could easily carry them off is fail #2.

This just shows that it is very important to make sure you properly dispose of all important documents that you no longer want to keep. Sure, it would be a rather small chance of a bird building a nest using semi-shredded financial information, that from a couple of strips I found included images of checks, addresses, and I'm sure other personal information somewhere out there since a couple of the pieces had "IRS" on them, in the yard of someone that would use this information for nefarious purposes.