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The Power of Google

I can remember some of the first times I surfed the Internet. It started in middle school using Lynx, a text-only browser. You would not believe how excited I was when I found out that I could download custom aircraft for my early version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. I would even stay in the computer lab after school downloading those planes to floppies.

Who would have thought that within just a few short years, we would be sitting in front of a computer, watching live streaming video of a Presidential debate, that friends from all over the world could easily connect through social networks such as Facebook, or that I would even own my own domain name.

One force that I think has been unprecedented in the development of the Internet, especially in the last 2-3 years, is Google. Of course, Google is everyone's favorite search engine and e-mail provider, but what else has Google done to help revolutionize the web?

There are many applications, some that I am just now finding, that Google has produced that are very useful, such as Google Reader, Google Analytics, Google Documents, Google Calendar, and the list continues. I've been using Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Analytics for a while and highly recommend them, especially Analytics.

I hope, in the upcoming weeks, to do some reviews of the different Google applications I have been using. I plan on doing articles on Google Reader, Analytics, Gmail, and Docs, as those are the ones I have the most experience with.

So be sure to check back for this series!


Google's Picasa

My favorite Google program is Picasa. Not only does it help with organizing photos on your own computer using the downloadable free application, you can use it to edit photos, create slideshow movies, and create an online gallery. The web gallery is easy to embed into websites (such as our blog). You can also use Picasa to order products with your photos on them - albums, mousepads, t-shirts, coffe mugs, etc. Another exciting feature is the ability to pin alums to locations using Google Maps/Earth. You can even pin individual pictures to the exact location they were taken! Do you have a Picasa web album? Ours is at (or you can access the embedded version through our blog - Also, are you going to cover Google modules which can be used on desktops or embedded in websites? Any reflections of Google's new browser, Chrome?
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Hey Dusty! Sorry I didn't see your comment on this until just now. Obviously my e-mail alerts for new comments is not working...

I kind of fell behind on the Google Application Series. My original idea was to just focus on the web applications side of Google's offerings, but I think you make a great point with Picasa. I actually just started using Picasa about 3 months ago and think it is great software. Not only does it make it very easy to download, organize, and edit your photos, it makes it extremely easy to publish online as you mentioned. I have a Picasa web album, but it's not public right now. I was just trying it out to see how it worked.

Chrome is on my list of things to do. I've been hearing a lot of good things about it, but just haven't had a chance to use it. Have you?

I'm really hoping to be able to blog more and maybe even finish the Google series sometime in the next couple of weeks.