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Photo Update

* WARNING: I forgot to upload the smaller thumbnails so this may take a while to load. You can view these at my Picasa site until I get this updated. *

I promised pictures, so here they are:

Acclimating the fish to the tank
The danios are enjoying their last few minutes of the bag before they're released into their new world to start exploring.

New plants
I added a Wisteria plant and another plant that I'm not exactly sure what it is. It was mixed in with the Wisteria, but when I got it home I decided it wasn't, unless it just hasn't matured yet. Anyone have any ideas?

A new home!
Just after they were released into the tank.

A fun hiding place.

Those are most of the pictures I've got now. You can see a few more here. I will definitely be taking more as I add more fish and maybe re-aquascape again.


These are beautiful pictures.

These are beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them!